About South County Boutique Spa


Established in 2012.

South County Skin and Body Center is a Co-Operative, woman owned business with three sole proprietorships under one umbrella. The three woman worked together at a spa in Laguna Niguel that was closing its doors after 8 years with only two weeks notice. The ladies pulled together and made a bad situation into a very successful business. They took their passion to the next level and opened South County Boutique Spa in 2012.


About Skincare by Marilee

80630-UPLOADFILE1-Marilee.jpgMarilee is a certified licensed Esthetician and Owner/Operator of Skincare By Marilee. She has been practicing for over 12 years and has developed a passion for specializing in treatments of acne and aging skin due to sun damage and environmental effects. Marilee has always been highly requested and maintains loyal clientele. After suffering from acne for over 15 years, she took her passion for finding the best treatments and turned it into a career.

EDUCATION: Upon completion of the California State Board Examination in 2004, Marilee continued with post graduate education at the Conservatory of Esthetics in Los Angeles. In addition, she took in depth courses on acne and cosmetic chemistry, taught by Jan Marini, an industry leader in product technology. Marilee has had expert training in clinical skincare and many cosmetic lines.

In 2007, Marilee took her career to the next level by entering the field of medically based treatments such as pre and post operative care, dermaplaning, dermarolling, vibraderm, and medical grade peels. During the course of Marilee’s education, she learned that the best way to treat acne also happens to be the best non-surgical way to treat aging skin.

Marilee understands the emotional aspect of skin conditions like acne and is passionate about helping people of all ages. She believes in an approach that utilizes strong treatments and home care products, prior to considering such drastic medical treatments. Education, regular maintenance and specific, high quality ingredients are the keys to helping our clients achieve their skincare goals. Our skincare menu is designed with this in mind, making it easy to select a treatment that will meet all your needs. Every facial we do covers the basic skincare needs.  

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